Friday, July 26, 2013

4 Cultures in Malaysia??

the photo above is taken from someone's facebook : a picture of primary student's workbook

Attention to all bloggers: please spread the news that during Pesta Kaamatan, Menikmati Tapai (an alcoholic drink) is NOT ONE OF THE MAJOR ACTIVITY. And the dance (tarian) should be Tarian Sumazau instead of "Menari". Other activities that can be included are Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan (Kaamatan Beauty Peagent) and Sugandoi (Singing contest).

Attention to schoolbook / workbook writer: please be more sensitive at your writing skill. This kind of stuff can give bad impression about the Kadazans to the young children (besides, this type of workbook is for those primary school student kan). 

Macam mana la mo jadi 1Malaysia ni?? yang lain di kasi kusung, tapi yang "Kadazan" awal-awal ditulis suda jawapan. Jawapan yang buruk lagi tu! Bikin kuyak saja ini penulis dia ooh..

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