Saturday, February 14, 2009

14 february....

what do you think i'm going to write about by reading at that title??'s 14th..of's VALENTINE'S DAY!!..a day that full of love..?!..where we can see hundreds or thousands or billions of couples walking around you..paying NO attention on you..(haha) only care for their girls or boys..ngahahaha..aiyoo, what am i writing here oo?? why did i write that topic today?? simple..just for fun(so that i can get your attention to readthis rubbish..ahaha)..and also to update my FULL english version!!haha xD..don't laugh!! i'm serious!! man..why did everyone think that i'm not a serious person as i look?? haha..of course I AM not a serious person..hate that words!! REALLY!! ishh..typing rubbish again..! arrgghh!!!

ok..other topic please...hmm..for your all information, writing this blog just after finish bathing that smelly white-dog (i mean~TOO SMELLY ) because it haven't bath since new year!! i repeat..since NEW YEAR~1 ST JANUARY 2009..!! just imagine that dog's white fur turns into a browny chocolate cake..?! yaikss!! but its fun to bath that dog.. although time bath2, it cakar2+gigit2 my feet (& i reward him some soft-flying-kick..XD)..hey, not everyday i got chances like this, after bath2, me,my sis & my mother take some gunting..and cut those fur (yang begumpal2 like gula2 kapas) down!! imagine: 3 people have to battle with a dog only to cut those 'gula2 kapas'..!! i have to paluk his body while my mother do the cutting works..waa!!!hmm..and i smell like the dog right now!! hahaha..XD...yukss!! i think i have to take my bath now..yup..NOW!! i am soooo smelly oo!! XOXO