Monday, November 11, 2013

new hobby??

I'm a DVD collector!! since last month!!every time I went to Centre Point or Karamunsing, I will not ever missed to buy 3 copies of DVD.. pirate one -_-" because of its cheaper price.. 3 for rm20..and sometimes 3 for rm10 (but this one a bit low quality la).. so until today (11 November 2013), my DVD collection have reach about...ummmhh ( I don't even know how many DVD I've collected!! is it 20+ or 30+ movies?) I'm dead!! someday I'll be broke if I continue this new hobby ( "addiction" is the correct word) I need to control my spending.. I need to save my salary more in the bank (of course I save my salary all the time, but I always go korek-korek the ATM mechine). So starting this month salary, I'm going to plan my spending, how much I'm going to spend and save this month, and I am going to plan it very..very..veeeeeryyy carefully. Wish me luck.. Hwaiting!!
I'm counting my